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Introducing Magisto for Marketers

Introducing Magisto for Marketers We’ve turbo charged Magisto for Business, which is intended for everyday video marketing for SMBs and tailored it specifically to meet the needs of professional marketers! Magisto for Marketers, is an AI powered video creative platform that makes video marketing creative agile, iterative

Case Study: The Data Behind Winning Video Marketing Creative

flok flok connects merchants and their customers, powering lasting and rewarding relationships through their digital punch card. With the easy-to-use online dashboard and unique mobile app, flok provides small businesses with the ability to attract new customers and keep them coming back. Goal: Increase agility and speed

Is Your Marketing Strategy Following Your Audience?

Word-of-mouth campaigns have always been the best way to promote a brand. Get people talking about your product and they’ll start seeking it out. For decades, businesses have relied on TV and print ads to do just this. However, recent shifts in the media landscape are leaving

How Interactive AI Can Help You Make the Perfect Business Video

No matter what business you’re in, videos are the best way to quickly get your message across and engage with your customers. However, many companies still think making high-quality videos requires too much expertise and time. Not anymore.   At Magisto, we’re constantly thinking about how to

How One Company Used Video to Conquer Facebook

Millar and Company, a Real Estate agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area, needed a way to increase engagement on their Facebook page. They work in one of the most competitive markets in the nation, which made it imperative for them to develop a cost-effective marketing

Why Failing May Be Your Key to Success

If you developed an ad campaign that fell on its face, it used to mean you’d get in trouble. However, today’s marketers are discovering that failure may actually help them succeed. Here’s what this means, and why you may want to consider following their lead. Expensive ad

3 Reasons Why Your Video Ad Campaign Isn’t Working

We are in the midst of a video marketing revolution. For the first time, we can now create our own videos and consume them on phones, social media, or really anywhere we like. Despite this, many traditional marketers are still using TV as their reference point. Here

From Main St. to Madison Ave Millennials Disrupting 50 Year-Old Balance of Marketing Power

Crisis looms in the halls of Madison Avenue as audience’s and eyeballs move with an accelerating speed to social media and online video. In the face of fast paced chance and mounting pressure for scale and efficiency, massive legacy marketing budgets have become increasingly unwieldy and harder

The Most Important Variables in A/B Testing Your Marketing Video: How to Pick a Winner

In a previous post we discussed how A/B testing is the best way to determine your marketing videos’ weaknesses and strengths, and find the version that actually moves the ball with engagement and conversion for your business. And also how Magisto for Business is the most efficient

Use Video to Get the Most for Your Small Business from Facebook’s New Shopping Sections

Having a Facebook Page has become indispensable for all businesses, but some new features from the social media giant have huge implications for small businesses. Especially businesses who have harnessed the power of video marketing. Facebook recently rolled out two new sections to help promote goods and

How to A/B Test Your Online Marketing Videos

Online videos are an indispensable part of any marketing campaign, but what if consumers aren’t being engaged by yours? How would you know? What about them don’t they like? How can you fix them quickly before your competitors take the ball and run? The best way to

Don’t forget the story: Why copy is more important than ever in an increasingly visual content driven game

Don't forget the story: Why copy is more important than ever in an increasingly visual content driven game

How to use text to make your marketing videos jump off the screen

Adding captions and text to your videos empowers your message and increases your marketing power

Learn the secrets to mastering Facebook’s video algorithm for your business

How to natively upload your videos, add a call to action & create news worthy content to maximize your Facebook advertising & marketing game

How Much 1 Minute of Video is Worth To Your Business

Post your Magisto for Business videos on your Facebook to learn about your customers buying behaviors and make the most out of your marketing today!

Facebook Ad Targeting + Magisto = The Most Powerful Combination in Video Marketing

How To Start Using Video To Advertise Your Small Business on Facebook

8 Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Using Video For Advertising and Marketing

Add Video Content To Your Facebook Company Page, Marketing and Advertising Plans

The Story Behind Magisto’s New Brand

The Story Behind Magisto’s New Logo and Icon: Stories Come Alive

Unlocking The Most Powerful Shift In SMB Marketing

Magisto Survey Reveals Social And Online Video Rapidly Replacing TV Ads For Millennial Marketers

Video: Your Passport to the World

How Using Video Content and Video on your Facebook Company Page Can Change the Way You Engage with The World

Magisto’s Editors Choice: Our Top 5 Videos of 2016

Check out the Top 5 Videos Created Using Magisto for the First Quarter of 2016

How To Boost Your Facebook Posts And Maximize Your Video Marketing

How to Boost your Video posts on Facebook and Maximize Your Business Marketing Efforts

Coming Soon! Our New Fitness Editing Style!

Magisto Introduces a NEW Business Editing Style Perfect for Marketing Your Fitness Business, Private Studio, Yoga Classes and Pilates Sessions

Two Brothers Use Magisto To Document The Art of Storytelling and Their Experience ‘Becoming Bulletproof’

Magisto is the world's most popular video storytelling platform. With the recent launch of Magisto for Business, Creatives in the film industry, non-profit sector and Transgender Community find a home for all of their marketing content.

Virtual Neighborhood Tours Revitalize Real Estate Listings

Virtual Neighborhood Tours Revitalize Real Estate Listings

The 4 Pillars of Truly Effective Online Video Marketing

Coming up with ideas for content is the easy part. Making it compelling and getting your target audience to engage is trickier and we are here to help.

4 Ways Personal Trainers Can Use Video To Pump Up Their Existing Market

Personal Trainers and Fitness Studios Use Video Content To Attract New Customers and Increase Their Personal Brand

5 Highly Effective Business Videos Every Photographer Should Have In Their Marketing Portfolio

5 Highly Effective Business Videos Every Photographer Should Have In Their Marketing Portfolio

Mapping Out Your First Real Estate Video Listing: Insider Tips and Tricks

From Mapping Out A Floor Plan, To Timing The Lighting For Your Real Estate Video Listing, We Are Here To Provide You Some Easy Steps To Get You Started!

Magisto for Business Introduces New Feature: Smart Storyboard

Introducing Smart Storyboard, Create Better Marketing Videos

8 Places To Promote Your Marketing Videos

Using Social Media To Promote Your Business and Video Content

The 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Real Estate Videos

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Video for Your Next Real Estate Listing

Real Estate Agents: Effectively Market Your Listings with Video

Effectively Market Your Real Estate Listing With Video Content

How To Create The Perfect Welcome Video

Creating Welcome Videos for Any Small Business

How To Share Your Video Content On Facebook

Step by Step Instructions of how to post your video content on Facebook

When is The Best Time to Post Your Video on Social Media

Outline of When Are The Best Times To Post On Your Social Media Channels

5 Reasons Why Online Video Marketing Is Critical To Your Local Yoga Business

Why Online Video Is Critical For Your Yoga Studio

What To Include in your Workout Video: Content Marketing Tips For Fitness Businesses

As the owner of a fitness studio or small business that focuses on fitness, health and lifestyle these are some kinds of videos you should include on your company pages.

From Camera Angle To Lighting, How To Set Up Your First Video

5 Useful Tips and Tricks for Making Your First Marketing Video

Why Video?

5 Reasons Why Online Video Marketing is Critical To Your Small Business:  Local marketing has migrated online, and video is the force that drives it. Sign up for Magisto for Business and check out  5 reasons why your small business needs online video marketing right now to stay

Authenticity is the Key To Effective Video Marketing

5 Proven Ways To Deliver Your Authentic Marketing Messages Using Video

5 Tips To Include In Your First Marketing Video

As the owner of a small business, you are probably wearing many hats at once and juggling multiple departments to keep your company up and running. We are here to offer an easy, affordable and effective solution to start you on your way to making great video

The Industrial Revolution of Video

Start using Magisto for Business to effectively market your company and enter the video content world.

With Magisto, Video Creation Gets Easier for Real Estate Agents to Produce Powerful Video Content

Video Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Congrats Johan Roldán! Winner of our Atlantic Records Video Mission!

We are so excited to congratulate Johan Roldán for his WINNING movie! Paddle Boarding is awesome, but it is harder than it looks folks! I can personally attest to this! We chose his video because it embraces the energy of Galantis’ hit song, “Runaway (U & I)”

Magisto for Business Answers Surging Demand for High-Quality Video on the Web and Meets Business Users’ Needs

Launches Magisto for Business to Meet Surging Demand for High-Quality Video on the Web and Business Users’ Needs

Introducing Magisto for Business

Affordable, High-Quality, Powerful Video Solutions for Small Businesses

Congrats Roger Shulsen, WINNER of our Halloween Mission!

Halloween Mission Winner: Roger Shulsen

Halloween! Mission: Magisto Rules

Halloween! Mission: Magisto Rules

Dance Off! Mission: Magisto Rules

Dance Off! Promotion to launch our new Dance Theme.

Magisto at SF TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

Magisto at SF TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 : Video Storytelling brings together a Man and his Burrito

#Fiesta Vibes: Congrats to Carolina Guillen our Video Mission WINNER!

Announcing the winner of our #Fiesta inspired video mission

Inspired by the music! Congrats to Frank Renaldi! Our #AtlanticRecords Video Mission Winner!

Frank Renaldi Wins Magisto's #AtlanticRecords Video Mission

Magisto: New PC Updates

New PC Updates including HD quality videos

#BackToSchool Video Mission: Magisto Rules

Heading Back To School with Magisto. Creating memories of you and your crew.

Defining Video Marketing and Why It’s a Must Have For Any Business in 2017

The definition of video marketing is evolving. Like love or product marketing, different perspectives offer varying answers. So, to avoid future confusion, this is what video marketing is, what it will be and why it matters to your business in 2017. The Definition: Video marketing is the