Last month we launched a spooky Magisto video theme to celebrate Halloween.  Literally hundreds of you guys shared your Magisto Halloween videos on YouTube and we’re excited to share some of the highlights—from an adorable costume parade to a creepy short film, an athletic dog and more.  Check them all out below.

My Crazy Brother

Reina Marie aka YouTuber popsuperstar1000 created one of the most-viewed Halloween-themed Magisto videos on YouTube.  The subject of the video may not be related to Halloween, but who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned burger?

Halloween 2011 @ SFIS v.2.0

This is one of the most adorable Halloween videos we saw.  It features a parade of students in preschool through third grade at Saint Francis International School in Maryland.  Which costume do you like best?

The Lurking Creature That Lies Beneath…

Brendan Fick wins our award for the most creative Halloween Magisto video.  He explains the story in the video description: “Brendan is doing work on the computer…just as simple as that.  When, all of a sudden…A demon from the underworld creeps up from his usual hiding place beneath the desk!  Will Brendan Survive?  Or will he become one of them…”

My Dog Tina

Finally, Stephen aka PepsiMaxCola101 on YouTube made us smile with this fun video of his dog Tina playing with a soccer ball.  Happy Halloween Tina!

If you’ve got video footage from Halloween you have until the end of the week to upload it to Magisto and create a video using our spooky Halloween theme.  To choose the Halloween theme, just be sure to check off the box for ‘I want to spookify my video with the special Halloween Theme’ on the video upload page or when making a video with Magisto on YouTube Create.  Happy spooking!