Happy holidays, folks!  It’s the time of year for giving and if you’ve still got friends and family on your gift list we’re here to help.  Why not put down your wallet and give the gift of a personalized Magisto video this holiday season?

Personalized videos make amazing gifts.  Not only do they not cost a penny, but they also show that you care.  When you create a video for a friend or family member, complete with a happy holiday message, some of your favorite video moments together, and a song you know they’ll love, they’ll appreciate the thought and time you put into creating their gift.  And Magisto makes putting together a professional looking holiday video a snap.  Just upload your video footage, choose a song and add a message and we’ll do the rest of the work for you.

Ready to get started?  Just follow these steps:

1. Create an account at Magisto.com (if you haven’t already) and log in!

2. Click on ‘Create video’ to get started.

3. Upload your video files.  You can upload up to 600MB or 16 video files.  Upload a mix of videos that you know the person you are making the video for will like.  Do you have any videos of that person?  Videos of a fun time you spent together?

You may also want to throw in some more festive video clips.  Make a video of the Christmas decorations around your house, or a clip of yourself or your friends and family lighting the Hanukkah menorah.

4. Add a greeting.  In the ‘Title’ field, instead of writing your usual run-of-the-mill title, add a holiday greeting!  Something like “Happy Holidays, Jack!” or “Merry Christmas, Jill! Love, Me!”

5. Choose a soundtrack.  Choose a song to play in the background of your video.  You can choose one from the Magisto library or upload your own selection from your computer.  Choose something festive, or just a song that you know the person you are making the video for would like.

Once you’ve followed these steps, Magisto will automatically create the video for you—no video editing necessary on your part.  When your video is ready we’ll let you know and you can easily share your holiday movie with your friend via email, Twitter or post it to their Facebook wall.

If you wind up making a holiday video with Magisto, we’d love to see the results!  Feel free to share your videos with us in the comments below.  Happy holidays!

Image credit: Karen Roach via 123RF