Shawn Hronek was frustrated trying to find an easy way to edit his videos to share with friends and family that don’t live close by.  After searching on the Internet he stumbled across Magisto.  Here is his story.

Shawn tells us, “I felt like I hit the Google jackpot.  I found exactly what I was looking for—an intuitive and easy way to edit my videos and share them with family in a way that will not bore them to death or make them motion sick from my shaky camera skills.”  With Magisto, all you have to do is upload your videos, choose a title and a soundtrack and we do the work for you, automatically discovering the best parts and editing them together into a professional looking movie that you can share with your friends and family.

Since Shawn stumbled across Magisto he says the feedback from his family has been great.  “At first some were impressed with my overnight skills in video editing (until they realized it was really the excellent skills of Magisto).  Family that do not live close enough to share Christmas morning were able to see the fun and excitement my 2-year old had with Christmas.”  Shawn’s family couldn’t actually be there on Christmas day but they could still share in the excitement of seeing presents being opened, and even…a moon bounce!

Sean says, “If not for Magisto, my videos would do exactly what they have done since 2008—sit on my camera.”  Magisto helps him create and share video memories in a click!

Shawn isn’t the only one who has faced the problem of finding a good way to share memories with family and friends that don’t live nearby.  Video editing is time consuming, not to mention complicated, and far too many of us shoot video and then let it collect virtual dust because we simply don’t have the time or expertise to edit it.  With Magisto, those days are over!

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