Earlier this week on Twitter we met entertainment group UpRite Lions.  Based out of North Carolina, UpRite Lions describe themselves as “blending everything from Opera and R&B to Hip-Hop and Reggae Dancehall.”  They make what they like to call “Feel Good Musick” and they’re using Magisto to give their fans a preview of the music that they’re working on.

UpRite Lions have got a new mixtape in the works, which is set to be released in the early months of 2012, with a brand new album to follow.  They told us via email that, “While in the studio recording our mixtape and album, we came across the Magisto application on our iPhones.”  They thought it would be a great way to quickly and easily create some sort promo videos to share a preview of their new music with their fans.  “We uploaded a few short clips that we had from the day and one of the new songs we had been working on.  We gave it a title and Magisto did the rest.”


“We wanted to share at least a taste of what’s in store soon with our fans.  There are so many advantages to having a great app like this right on your phone.  Magisto makes excellent promos for our web presence.”

You can find out more about UpRite Lions at UpRiteLions.com and find them via the username “UpRite Lions” on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation and YouTube.

Good luck guys!  Can’t wait to hear your mixtape!