Video MemoriesHow many times have you thought back on an important event in your life and said, “Oh man, if only I had a video of that!”  Many of us have had that thought far too often.  After all, memories are priceless but, unfortunately, they fade.  Videos, on the other hand, last a lifetime and can be viewed and shared over and over again so we can relive our memories again and again, as clear as the day they happened.

We’ve put together a list of some of the events that you’ll most regret not capturing on video.  Hopefully this list will inspire you to have your camera at the ready so you won’t miss out on capturing important memories in the future.

Births (and Birthdays)

Think, for a moment, about how cool it would be if your parents had a video of your first minutes, hours or days of life!  Wouldn’t you love seeing your own little tiny hands and feet?  Hearing your own adorable baby noises?  Now imagine how easy it is to give this gift to your own child.

We aren’t suggesting that you video tape the actual birth (not many people actually want to see that!), but that you take out your mobile phone or camera and shoot a little bit of footage of your baby during his or her first days on the planet.

The same goes for birthdays.  Think about how neat it would be to have video footage of your children growing up, year by year.  Birthdays are the perfect time of year to make video memories that you can look back on in the years to come.


You may also regret not having videos of “firsts”—the first steps, first haircut, first time swimming, first time eating cake and so on.  Someone can only do something for the first time once in his or her life and capturing these moments on video can provide magical memories.

Note that firsts don’t only apply to babies and little kids—you can make a video of your first prom or homecoming dance, your first time eating a certain kind of food, your first trip to a new state or country…the possibilities are endless!


Speaking of your first trip to a state or country—vacations are also great for creating video memories.  Think back to a trip you took years ago.  How much of it do you really remember?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some video footage of the trip?  Vacation videos are a great way to relive the memories of your trip—not just through pictures but through moving pictures that remind you what it was like to actually be there, moving around and experiencing things.


Like births, weddings are one of the most important events in our lives.  These days, most people hire wedding photographers and videographers to create videos of their weddings.  However, shooting your own video footage at the weddings of family and friends can provide a personal perspective that professional videographers (who don’t know the bride and groom personally) just can’t capture.

Just Hangin’ Around

You may not only regret not capturing video of major life events.  You may also look back and wish that you had videos of yourself, your family and your friends just hanging out, goofing off and having fun.  The next time you’re hanging out with friends or with your family, why not take our your video camera and capture some memories.  You never know how much they might mean to you down the road!

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Image credit: 123RF Limited