We always love seeing the different creative uses that our users are finding for Magisto and this week one video caught our eye—a making of video for a song written for a U.S. Navy squadron.  We reached out to the creator and he told us a little more about the story behind his great video.

The video features artist DJ $crilla.  He explains, “A college friend of mine contacted me about creating a song for her husband’s squadron.  He is currently fighting for our country, along with the 200+ members of the squadron.  I thought this would be a really cool opportunity to do something and let them (Blue Blasters VFA-34) know how appreciated they are.”

Check out the Magisto video about the making of the song below and then read on to find out what else DJ $crilla had to tell us.

We asked DJ $crilla to explain the story behind his Magisto movie, and to let us know how he came across our app.  This is what he had to say:

“While recording the song, I thought it would be cool to document some of the footage on my iPhone.  I wanted to just capture a couple moments and share them with the squadron, to showcase the making of the song.”

“I graduated from Kent State with a degree in Electronic Media Production, so video editing is actually one of my specialties.  Unfortunately, I did not have access to any video editing software.  I looked at a few competitors but I wasn’t pleased with the functionality.  That’s when a simple Google search led me to Magisto.  I was immediately impressed with how easy it was.  My goal was to produce about a minute long video of the exciting parts of each clip…Well, Magisto took care of all that!”

“Take it from me, I know what it costs to pay an editor to edit video.  Magisto used professional transitions and cuts to deliver an exciting trailer.  I was even able to download an HD version of the clip, which was very affordable ($2.99) and put it on YouTube.”

“Overall, Magisto was perfect because it literally saved me hours of time and money.”

Interested to know how the Blue Blasters Anthem came out?  Take a listen below and share your thoughts in the comments.  Awesome track, DJ $crilla and thanks so much for sharing your story with us!

Note: If you’re interested in downloading one of your Magisto movies you can do so by clicking the download button from the video page.  Downloads cost between $0.99 and $2.99 depending on the quality.