cakeThe Internet is divided into two kinds of people – people who take pictures of their food and people who don’t. And while sometimes we (like most people) get a little annoyed with the folks that post pictures of every single little thing they eat, this weekend we’ve decided to celebrate “foodies” with a food-centric #WeekendChallenge. Because let’s be honest here – everyone loves food (am I right??).

So whether you like to cook, like to eat out (or have an unusual affinity for frozen dinners), whether you prefer sushi, Indian food, or a good old fashioned burger and fries, we invite you to create a Magisto Movie all about food and share it with us! Include the hashtag #WeekendChallenge in your title or share your Movie with us on Facebook or Twitter and you could win a free one-month Magisto upgrade for yourself or, if you’ve already won a free upgrade, for a friend. The first 50 of you to submit a Foodie Movie will get upgrades!

Need a little inspiration? Check out the foodie Movies below, created by some of our users. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!