indieHappy Friday, boys and girls, ladies and gents! The weekend has arrived and with it, as usual, our #WeekendChallenge – your chance to get creative with Magisto for the chance to get a free one-month Magisto Premium upgrade. Last week we launched a new video style called Indie and over the past week it’s been used more than any other theme. To that end, we decided to create this week’s #WeekendChallenge around it.

This weekend, we invite you to create a Movie using the Indie video style and share it with us. Try to get into the artsy, hip, spirit the theme represents – think music, cool clothes, fun design, architecture, art. Once your Movie is created, share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below. Don’t forget to tell us you’re sharing it as part of the #WeekendChallenge because the first 50 of you to submit Movies will get a free one-month Premium upgrade!

Looking for some inspiration? Just check out some of the cool user Movies below that were created using the Indie theme: