ios7Happy iOS 7 week, ladies and gents! Our developers and designers have been hard at work preparing for Apple’s latest mobile OS launch and we’re excited to present you with a new-and-improved Magisto for iOS.

What can you expect from Magisto for iOS 7? Well, the first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve revamped our design.

This is our biggest redesign to date, designed to make Magisto simpler, more useful and more fun. We hope you like it!

ios7 screenshots

Additionally, many of you have expressed interest in getting more views, likes and comments on your Movies from the general public. To that end, we’re now letting users create public albums – a public version of our current private albums feature.

With public albums, you can create collections of Movies around themes you’re passionate about – be it family, dogs, skateboarding, dance, travel or something else. These collections of Movies are public – open to our community of 5 million monthly viewers to watch, comment on, share and, if you choose to make your album truly open, even add their own Movies to.

Think of public albums as mini-communities of Magisto users with a shared passion, sharing that passion together through Movies.

albums screenshots

iOS 7 and web users can start compiling their own public collections of Movies and, in the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling public albums out to all iOS users. In the coming months Shared Albums will be available on Android as well.

Have you updated to iOS 7 yet? If so, we invite you to try out the new Magisto and let us know what you think!