Meet Kara Winship, her husband Claude Winship, their adorable daughter Savannah Winship and their dog, Sir Oliver Jackson “OJ” Winship. The Winships are one of our community’s most active families, sharing their lives and saving and sharing memories through Magisto Movies. We spoke with Kara to find out more about her family and her experience with Magisto.

Kara tells us how she and Magisto first met. “It was March 2013 and I was searching apps for my new iPhone 4S. I was in search of a fun video app. That when I stumbled upon, Magisto, the perfect app that captured the feel I wanted to convey in a simple four step process. Upload the videos, select a theme, pick the music add a title and boom, you have your memory. Magisto is the app that allowed me to be the director of my family’s movies, conveniently in a way that doesn’t distract from my family’s experience of the moments we wish to capture.”

The memories Kara created with Magisto actually resulted in her winning two of our contests – Joan Osborne’s Mother’s Day Challenge and our Father’s Day Challenge (that’s where Claude got the nifty Magisto tie you see in the photo above). Check out the winning Movies below and read on to learn more about the Winships!

When asked what she’s passionate about, Kara tells us, “I’m passionate about people, mostly my family, but people in general. I love to photograph events and nature. Right before sunset is the most amazing time of day to capture anything in the perfect light. I also love adventure and capturing nature in raw form. My husband and I relocated from the Northeast to San Diego to be able to live life to its fullest. That said when the sun is out, so are we!! We love exploring beaches, state parks, swimming holes, biking, running and doing yoga in lovely San Diego. Its easy to live like Kings and Queens with all the natural areas that San Diego has to offer. I guess I’m passionate about San Diego.” Kara’s passion for people, family and San Diego shine through in her Summer Family Fun album, which is currently one of the Featured Albums on our site.

Kara is a photographer – you can view her work here and here. When asked about her favorite thing to take photos and videos of she says, “I could video and photograph my daughter all day; sometimes I have to limit myself to 15 minutes of shooting so that I can then be present the rest of the afternoon, wherever we may be. However, silhouettes against a setting sun are definitely top on my list. I have been known to pull over onto the side of a highway in search of capturing a perfect red, pink, purple, orange, yellow sky all mixed together, just witnessing brings a sense of tranquility to my mind.  Anyone who knows me can attest that, whether you run a marathon with me or do a long bike race or swim, I have to stop for photo ops; even if it means we aren’t qualifying for the Boston marathon this year.”

Find out more about Kara on her blogs, on Facebook and on Pinterest.