photosWhen someone downloads a new app like Magisto, they often only think about using it for future events. They head to birthday parties, vacations, baseball games and other events thinking “I’m gonna take some photos and videos so I can make a Magisto Movie about this!” But Magisto can be just as useful for breathing life into photos and videos from past events that you already have lying around on your phone, digital camera or hard drive.

Earlier today we asked our followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to tell us how many photos and videos they currently have in their Camera Roll or Gallery. The answers ranged from hundreds to thousands – one user even told us that she has taken 5,385 photos and videos in the past year and a half alone! Imagine how many Magisto Movies you could make with 5,385 photos and videos!

Going back into your video and photo archives and creating a Magisto Movie of events from last year, or even last decade ago can be a really fun way to relive those memories and to share them with friends and family. So take a look back through your Camera Roll or Gallery, see what kind of old photos and videos you have lying around on your computer hard drive or on the memory card of your digital camera. We bet lots of that stuff would make really great Magisto Movies. So get creating!