wolf squareHappy Monday, everyone! Today we’re excited to bring you Episode 1 of the “Show Us How It Feels To Be You” show – a new project we’ve been working on featuring Magisto users and their stories.

Everyone’s got a story to tell and we want to hear yours (and share it with the world!) – whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, an artist or musician, a sports fanatic, overcoming an illness, getting in shape, celebrating success, enjoying family time, learning a new skill – anything goes! To share your story with us, reach out on our Facebook page, on Twitter or shoot us a message through our support page.

Our first story comes from singer/songwriter Wolf Critton. Wolf talks about how he picked up the guitar as a soldier in Iraq. He says, “I ended up losing all emotions and pretty much went numb just to cope with life and the things I was dealing with.” A friend gave him a guitar and he began to express his emotions through music.

Check out Wolf’s story in Episode 1 of “Show Us How It Feels To Be You” below and learn more about him at WolfCritton.com and find him on Twitter and Facebook.