Magisto is an automatic video editing solution that takes your unedited videos and turns them into beautifully edited and produced movies, perfect for sharing.  Just upload your videos, choose a title and soundtrack, and let Magisto do the rest of the work!
Magisto’s proprietary intelligence technology analyzes and understands your unedited video footage, identifies the most interesting parts, and edits them together, complete with music, filters and effects.  Magisto recognizes faces, animals, landscapes, movements, action sequences and other interesting content and uses this information to put together a video story that can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email.
Magisto was founded in 2009 by Dr. Oren Boiman (CEO) and Dr. Alex Rav-Acha (CTO).  Boiman and Rav-Acha and Boiman came together to create Magisto out of the clear need for a faster and easier way to edit videos.