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Artist Sheila Cameron Shares Life, Art & Inspiration with Magisto

sheila_cameron_bearsSheila Cameron, Artist, Writer, Wife and Mother,  tells us, “As an artist, anything that helps me share my life and inspiration, deepens my connection with collectors. I have a popular blog and sell quite a bit on eBay, Etsy and Direct sales. Adding cool video to my site helps me tell my story and it’s fun, even my kids love it.” We were excited to learn that Sheila has been taking Magisto for a spin.

Sheila has been using Magisto to create beautifully artistic mash-ups of her art, life and inspiration. Though she has a background in film and television production as well as web production, Sheila says she likes how Magisto helps her to “be a one man band. I feel like technology is finally easy enough for everyone to express themselves, the way we pictured it working on early entertainment websites. I love that I can be in my home studio making all this stuff happen and having fun with it.”

“There is a new world for artists to explore using accessible and intuitive technology to share their world.,” says Sheila. “Right now I’m experimenting with my new GoPro and tracking a diet and fitness regime through the Art on my blog.  I can’t wait to post more works in progress which adds to the excitement of buying fine art online.”

Check out a couple more great Movies from Sheila below, featuring music from artists “Punk Rock Vatos”. To find out more about Sheila and view her amazing artwork, visit

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