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Featured Creator: Meet Maine and Basil the “Chug”

maine and basilMeet Maine – one of our awesome users from London. You may have seen some of Maine’s Movies featuring her adorable dog Basil floating around our public feed. We reached out to her to find more about little Basil, and how she discovered Magisto.

Basil, named after Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers, is a “chug” – part chihuahua, part pug, though Maine tells us “he has more pug in him than chihuahua.”

“We live in London and he comes for cocktails and pub lunches with me regularly.” The Movies Maine has made of Basil feature videos and photos of him when he was ages 8 weeks to one and a half years.

Maine tells us, “I came across Magisto by searching on the app store for a filmmaking application as I wanted to remember perfect moments with my piggy pug. Once I found Magisto I couldn’t stop showing Basil fans the new videos! Secretly I think my partner Ben shows his friends at rugby too ;-)”

We’re glad Maine shared her Movies, and her story, with us! #PugLife for life! If you’ve got some great Movies that you think we should see, feel free to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

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