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Featured Creator: Experience Japan Through the Eyes of Magisto User Hiroe

hiroeMagisto user Hiroe, from Hukuchiyama City in Kyoto, Japan, has been putting smiles on our faces for months now with a slew of adorable movies she’s created featuring her daughter. We reached out to Hiroe to learn more about her family, her story and how she’s using Magisto.

Hiroe, who shared a great album of movies with us called “Asia”, tells us she stumbled across Magisto in the app store while looking for a video editing app. She has been using the app to create movies of her family and hopes that through viewing the movies in her album Magisto users can “feel a part of the life, culture and beautiful nature of Japan.”

Hiroe lives in Kyoto with her husband and daughter, who just turned four. She is at home in Japan, but has travelled all over the world, including to North and South America, Oceania, Eurasia, and Antarctica. It’s her goal to make a Magisto movie at the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020 and, in the meantime, to continue using the app to document the growth of her daughter. Check out some of her movies below and click here to view the entire album!

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