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Improving the World, One Act of Random Kindness at a Time

feedthedeedDo a good deed, pass it on. A Canadian medical student and non-profit organization Kindness Counts turned this simple idea into a worldwide phenomena with their #FeedTheDeed initiative.

Kindness Counts explains on their Facebook page that they are “a not-for-profit organization that uses creative and unconventional approaches to inspire ‘active kindness’. We believe that kindness is not a passive concept – not being mean is not the same as being kind. Kindness is active – it’s going out and doing good deeds, it’s making people smile, it’s making people’s days. It’s reminding ourselves that we are in control of more than just our own lives – we can change each others’ with just a little bit of kindness.” The non-profit joined forces with student Josh Stern, who started the #FeedTheDeed challenge earlier this year as a way of counteracting a dangerous drinking game trend.

The #FeedTheDeed challenge calls on people worldwide to do good deeds and nominate others to do good deeds as well. When you get a #FeedTheDeed “nomination”, you’ve got 24 hours to go out and do a good deed and then pass the nomination on to your friends.

A couple of our users shared their #FeedTheDeed experiences with us and we thought we’d pay it forward by sharing them with our entire community! Magisto user Gisele shared a movie of her experience with us on Twitter. Gisele, who created jewelry for nurturing lives of meaning and purpose at The Barber’s Daughters, tells us, “For my FeedTheDeed challenge I bought 24 journals and pens, inscribed and delivered to the Women’s Shelter around the corner.”

After completing her own challenge, Gisele nominated her friend Jolie who went on to create a Magisto movie of her challenge as well – leaving handwritten notes with bus tokens at bus stops around the city. She says, “I had the most heartwarming adventure around the city that day. Seeking out bus & streetcar stops waiting for just the right moment and when the coast was clear I would tape my hand-written notes (with a token attached) to the glass shelters. ‘This ride is on me.’ It felt like good-deed espionage. My heart was full. I continued to send out little love notes of positivity for a few days after. I think it might be time to Feed the Deed once again.” Click here to follow Jolie on Instagram and here to visit her website.

Have you created a #FeedTheDeed movie? If so, share it with us and, if not, we nominate you to go out and make one!

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