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Fitness Experts Share Tips & Motivation with Magisto

Combat Conn FitnessWith today being the first day of spring (yeah!) and the weather finally starting to warm up, we thought there was no better time than the present to take a look at how some of our users are using Magisto to get their health and fitness on.

Loads of you are sharing videos of your fitness routines and using Magisto as a tool to track progress and keep motivated when it comes to health and exercise. We reached out to a couple of professional fitness Magisto’ers to find out their stories and asked them to create a Movie about their favorite exercise or fitness routine. We hope their stories inspire you!

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Meet Andrea Conn

Andrea Conn is an ISSA certified Personal Trainer and two-time bodybuilding competitor. She tells us, “I started on a weight loss journey in April 2012 when I weighed 15- pounds. I began to exercise and eat healthy with the assistance of a couch and a personal trainer. By June 2012 I lost 30 pounds.”

Andrea competed in her first bodybuilding competition in August of 2012 and her second in June 2013, in which she placed second in her weight class.

Inspired by her own journey, Andrea has gone on to become a personal trainer for Combat Conn Fitness & Nutrition and a blogger at Muscle Is The New Sexy.  She tells us, “I hope to reach each and every person’s mind and heart as well as learn something myself as we all have to start somewhere.”

Andrea shared this great Movie with us about her favorite exercise – squats.

Meet Manda Olsen

Manda Olsen has been a NASM Certified as a Personal Trainer since September of 2013. She tells us, “I have always had an interest in fitness and health but it was always a mystery and a challenge. I grew up overweight. I was always self conscious and didn’t own a pair of shorts until I was 21, being that I’m 5’3 and weighed 240 pounds.” Thanks to getting into fitness, Manda lost over 100 pounds and now uses her story to inspire others.

“I am so passionate about fitness, she says, because it has changed my life forever. Whether I am Personal Training or working out personally, I always hop to inspire others because it really is life and death and fitness is the cheapest antidepressant.”

Manda now owns her own Personal Training business, Mandatory Fitness, and she tells us she uses Magisto Movies to show what her clients are in for on their workout days.

“In this film, I showcase how I train myself and my clients. It’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with very little equipment. Studies show you burn more calories and build lean muscle within 30 minutes of HIIT than you do within an hour of steady cardio. This is how I’ve gotten most of my results – HIIT 5 days a week along with lifting weights. I hope this video inspires others and I will continue to post Magisto clips showcasing my manic circuits!”

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