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Featured Creator: Meet Brazilian Musician-Composer Gustavo Guri

gustavo guriGustavo Guri received his first guitar, a Di Giorgio, for his birthday in 1996 and has been making music ever since. Inspired by Brazilian rock of the 80s and 90s, rock, folk, country, blues, jazz and British rock, Guri’s work can be heard as part of the band Jetlag, as well as solo.

Guri has embraced the pairing of music and technology for several years now. He tells us that in 2012 he decided to “produce, record, mix and master his first solo work using apps for smartphone and tablet.” To this end, “the production of the album ‘The Fantastic World of Guri’ began in 2013 and ended in March of 2014.” Tracks from the album, which include everything from synthetic drum and bass recorded on an iPad to guitars recorded using devices connected to smartphones and tablets, can be heard on Guri’s website.

Guri didn’t stop at smartphone and tablet usage for music production – he’s using mobile technology for music video creation as well. We first came across his work when we discovered that he has been using Magisto to create music videos. We absolutely loved the videos and couldn’t resist sharing them.

The latest video, which you can check out below features Gustavo Guri’s song “Entre a Fé e o Céu.”

Check out his second Magisto music video, for his track “Heróis,” below. To find out more about Gustavo Guri, visit or like him on Facebook!

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