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Featured Creator: Surfing Sri Lanka with Amy of Mellow Waves

mellow waves sri lankaAmy lives in Falmouth, in Cornwall in the UK, and runs a blog called Mellow Waves. The blog, she tells us, is written “to help not-so-good surfers be better surfers and take awesome surf trips.” We were excited to see that she shared a Magisto movie of a trip she took to Sri Lanka in February and reached out to find out more.

Amy tells us, “I’m an ok surfer. I’ve been surfing for a while now (nearly ten years), and I absolutely love it. I’m no expert, but over the years I’ve done everything I can to learn how to make the most of my naturally weak arms and lack of confidence in the sea, so that I catch more waves and stay as stoked on surfing as I was the first time I ever caught a wave. And I love nothing more than helping other people keep the stoke too, which is why I started mellow waves.

“So to help people have great surf trips, I’m always on the hunt for new destinations that have mellow waves that are great for beginner and intermediate surfers, and so Sri Lanka was a dream trip for us. We crammed a lot into two weeks and I wrote all about it on the blog. It was one of our most popular posts, and I wanted to be able to showcase the videos I’d taken while we were away, but they all looked a bit rubbish by themselves. I found Magisto on the app store and it’s turned some pretty run of the mill videos into something that our readers absolutely loved. Not only that but it helps Mellow Waves stand out from the crowd because it looks so professional. I couldn’t believe it was that easy to make and I can’t wait to make more.”

Check out Amy’s awesome movie below and follow Mellow Waves on Twitter and visit to find out more!

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