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Troy “The Prince of Selfie” Will Put A Smile On Your Face

troy prince of selfieHappy Wednesday, ladies and gents! This week one user’s movie put a huge smile on our faces and we thought we’d share it with you to brighten your day as well!

Troy, who has been living in England for 14 years, has been dubbed “The Prince of Selfie” by his friends. He explains: “This started when my friends started to leave unanimous comments on my photos that: I always post pictures that I’ve taken from a place I visited, but they can’t see anything about that place, because what they can see in the picture is nothing but my face or myself.”

He has embraced the title and become addicted to “the selfie”. This movie features Troy and his friends getting their selfie on on the Enneüs Heerma Bridge in Amsterdam. Troy tells us, “My mate played a song called ‘Good Feeling’ on his phone and we started dancing to it. It turned out cool and jolly. We took three takes till we perfected(ish) it, cuz the first two- we keep on laughing and falling onthe ground.” We thought it was cool and jolly as well and hope you enjoy it!

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