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Filmmaker Veronica Rose Goes Behind the Scenes of “Polly” with Magisto

polly behind the scenesMagisto user Veronica Rose has been posting Movies to her “The Making of Polly | Behind the Scenes” album for a few months now. This week, we checked in to get the inside scoop on this project.

Veronica explained that the Movies in the album feature behind-the-scenes footage from the making of a cinematic book trailer for Polly Adventures, a trilogy by author Irl Davis following the life of Polly O’Neal on the Oregon Trail.

Veronica tells us, “It was a small crew led by Director Randolph Sellars. He asked me to shoot behind the scenes for them. Because it was such a small crew, I was a Production Assistant and lighting stand in for Paige as well.

“I followed the crew around for a week as we shot the trailer on the author and producer’s beautiful ranch in Tygh Valley Oregon. Irl  Davis’ book is about his great-grandmother Polly O’Neal and his family’s journey in settling in Tygh Valley.

“They loved what I captured and asked me to edit a 6 minute behind the scenes video about the making of the book trailer. After I finished the edit, I uploaded it to Magisto and selected really fast music by Judgement Day. I let go and let Magisto do what it does to create a teaser for the Behind the Scenes video and the premier of the trailer.” We were excited to learn that the team used the behind-the-scenes Movie, which you can check out below, to help promote the book trailer at – we love how it turned out!

The cinematic trailer premiered on December 7, 2013 at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in Oregon. The trailer features performances by Paige McKenzie, Mercedes Rose, Adrienne Vogel, Michael Joseph Draper, Tyson Dailey, and Lindsae Klein.

Veronica tells us, “I discovered Magisto when searching for free video editing tools for my iphone. I fell in love with it immediately! It’s amazing and so beautiful. I wish I had a Magisto button in Premier Pro!” For more from Veronica, including lots of behind-the-scenes footage of bands, check out Veronica’s other album “Behind The Scenes @VRPhotomotion”.

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