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Watch: This Magisto User Quit His Job to Cycle Around The World!

tim moss the next challenge“Thanks for your email. I’m currently cycling from the UK to Australia and only have occasional email access. I’ll do my best to reply when I get to an internet cafe but it may take some time (i.e. several weeks).” This is the awesome and inspirational “out of office” reply you’ll get when you email Tim Moss. Tim and his wife Laura are currently on a cycling trip around the world for at least the next year and we were excited to learn that Tim has been using Magisto to help document their amazing journey.

Tim told us via email, “I found Magisto by searching for “easy Android video editing apps” or similar. It’s perfect for us as I don’t have time to edit movies in my tent at night but making them on Magisto is really easy.”

You can find out more about Tim’s journey at or on The Next Challenge Facebook page. You can also follow Tim and Laura on Twitter.

Check out the first few installments of Tim and Laura’s cycling trip around the world below, and follow Tim’s public album for future updates. Have you created an album to showcase your own inspirational journey or adventure? We’d love to see it! Feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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