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Watch: Hunting for Waves on a Stormy Sunday Morning

hunting for wavesEarlier today one of our users, Laura Beale from Cornwall, shared a beautiful surf Movie called Autumn Waves with us on Twitter. We reached out to Laura to find out about the story behind her Movie.

Laura told us, via email, “We woke up one stormy Sunday morning and decided to go and search for some clean and manageable waves. Most of the beaches were totally wild and the waves were crashing up over the Cornish Cliffs. It was so much fun. Sometimes the waves would crash up so high we would get soaked looking.

“We decided to get into our van and go on a little road trip to find some more secluded surf spots where they would be sheltered from the wind. Sometimes there are places that don’t normally get waves, however because of the swell size the waves were wrapping around to the most unlikely beaches.

“We drove through many old traditional Cornish villages and the wilderness to get there and it was all so beautiful with the autumnal colours. It was really quiet because most people were sheltering from the storm, however we thought it was so nice to get out of the house and be revitalised by true nature.”

We were inspired by Laura’s Movie and her story, and thought you might be too. Check out her Movie below and let us know what you think!

We’d love to hear the stories behind your great Movies as well – feel free to leave your own in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.

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