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Featured Creator: Singer/Songwriter & Iraq War Vet Wolf Critton Shares His Story

wolf crittonAcoustic rock-musician Wolf Critton started playing the guitar as a soldier in Iraq. He tells us, “It was a way to deal with my emotions in a controlled fashion.” We came across his music earlier this week when he tweeted a movie featuring a new song he’s working on.

In the below interview from Connecticut Style on WTHN, Wolf tells the heartfelt story of how he picked up guitar from a fellow soldier in Iraq. He used music as an outlet and has written a wealth of music about his life and experience. Since he returned from Iraq, Wofl tells us, “I’ve been on the news, blogs and radio. Just enjoying the road I’m singing on.”

Wolf tells us, “I found your Awesome app one day when I realized I had no footage to actually express myself. I typed in “movie maker” and there was Magisto. Vocals are great but the human Brain needs visuals just as much. Then the fact that it was free to sign up did it for me. Indie artists can hardly afford food let alone an awesome mixed video of them jamming!”

Wolf is releasing ten new tracks, one each week. Check out the first in the movie below and share your thoughts in the comments below! Find out more about Wolf on his website and follow him on Twitter!

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