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Magisto User Captures a Piece of History Outside the Hawaii Senate


Earlier this week in Honolulu, the Hawaii Senate passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage and one of our users, Lance Agena, captured the excitement outside the Hawaii State Senate.

Lance told us via email, “I work just a few blocks away and I usually take street photography during my lunch. I took an extra long break for this and just had to capture video as well. The vibrance of the moment demanded it.

“The great thing about Magisto is that while I concentrate on processing and posting my photos as soon as possible for moments such as these, I can also upload the video I have and have Magisto stitch it together into a great package that captures the moment in a way stills cannot. I know I’d never get around to editing together video I’d be happy with, and it’d eventually get lost in time. Getting a well-edited piece of video in a timely manner is especially important in social media. It needs to be relevant and timely. Magisto is my personal video producer who helps me post my shots in a timely manner.

“Once the votes were tallied 19-4 in favor of Senate Bill 1, the capitol erupted in jubilation. Supporters were in force with music, signs, and dancing. It was amazing. I’m pretty sure the Electric Slide has not been performed at the capitol many times before. Opponents gathered in a large circle of prayer. I was glad to be present during such a historic moment. To me, it was important to capture it in stills and video because it was a day people should remember. Civil rights don’t come easy and should be celebrated when won.”

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