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Introducing the First ‘Magisto Exhibit’, Featuring the Rock Photography of Jay Blakesberg

Jay Blakesberg My Morning JacketToday at SXSW in Austin, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting the first ever “Magisto Exhibit” – a combination of photographs and Movies featuring the work of renowned rock photographer Jay Blakesberg.

The exhibit, which lives on our site in a public album and will also be displayed as a temporary installation at our party this afternoon from 2 to 5:30 pm at Lucille, 77 Rainey Street in Austin, features Blakesberg’s photos and offers a series of movies composed from his photographs of artists like Levon Helm, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Jane’s Addiction and the Grateful Dead, as well as numerous other musicians like Chris Robinson, Neil Young and others, combined with their music and music from other related bands.

Jay Blakesberg said in a press release, “My life’s work has been to document the rock and roll experience, onstage and off. This is pop culture history…visual anthropology. I have always approached my photography as a way to tell a story, and for me, this has never been with a single photo, but a series of photos. Magisto’s A.I. has given me a new way to put a series of images together to help tell that story. Photography has always been a technology based art, and now more than ever we have new opportunities to merge the two easily and share.”

We couldn’t be more excited to be presenting this awesome collection of Movies, which really show how Magisto can be used to take photos and music and transform them into a new artistic presentation. Check out one of the Movies below, featuring My Morning Jacket’s song ‘Circuital’, and click here to view the full exhibit.

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