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This Week’s Top Movies: Hip Hop, Adorable Swimming Animals & More

uprite lionsHappy Thursday, ladies and gents! It’s that time again where we round up some of our favorite Movies of the week! We really enjoyed all the Movies in this week’s roundup, which include a fun promo Movie from hip hop group UpRite Lions, an adorable compilation of swimming animals, travel, FIFA 13, a cute dance and more.

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S.O.S. July 27 @ Money Plays

We first met the UpRite Lions back in January 2012, right after we launched our iOS app. This week, group member B-Star shared this Movie with us created as a promo for an upcoming show on July 27.


This fun travel Movie caught our eye earlier this week. These girls are having so much fun, it’s contagious!

Get it!

Here’s another one that made us smile. This little girl has got the moves! Doesn’t this just make you wanna get up and dance?

Manu vs Barcelona

Lots of you have created awesome video game mashups and let’s play videos. We thought this FIFA 13 Movie was pretty awesome.

Flat Clips of Summer 2013!!!

Speaking of awesome – this guy can do some pretty awesome tricks on a scooter!

Swimming Animals Compilation

And finally – here’s a fun Movie our very own Dennis made to celebrate Summer. Nothing says Summer like swimming animals, eh? Our favorite is the panda, how about you? For a full list of links to the videos included in this compilation, click here.

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