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Facebook’s “A Look Back” Success Demonstrates the Power of Sharing Video Memories

facebook a look backIf you’ve spent any time on Facebook in the last week then you’ve almost certainly noticed a stream of “A Look Back” videos in your News Feed. Facebook celebrated their 10th anniversary by creating instant montage videos for all of their users, memorializing their time spent on Facebook and featuring all their most-liked photos and statuses.

What you may not be aware of, however, is the fact that in the first week that the feature was live nearly 200 million people watched their Look Back videos and a whopping 50 percent of those who watched their videos shared them!

To us, this is incredibly exciting news. With millions of you creating and sharing Movies every month with Magisto we already had more than an inkling that the world is crazy about sharing memories through video, but the success of Facebook’s “A Look Back” campaign reinforces this fact on a huge scale. Somewhere in the vicinity of 100 million people shared their Facebook video memories in a single week. There’s no question about it – this is big, big stuff.

In a great article about the Facebook anniversary campaign, Mike Snider of USA TODAY points out that “Facebook isn’t the only one offering consumers the chance to make highly personal movies out of video and photos. Startup Magisto has more than 19 million users and more than 30 million movies.”

Over the holiday season we invited our users to create their own videos taking a look back at their favorite moments of 2013 in our “Best of 2013” Movie Contest. Over one thousand users submitted videos featuring their favorite photos and videos from the past year. You can check them out in the contest album and see our winning video embedded below.

We’re excited to be on the forefront of the easy, automatic creation of video memories and look forward to seeing what the future holds—and to being a part of creating that future! We’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook’s “A Look Back” feature, as well as the sharing of video memories in general. Feel free to leave a note in the comments below!

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