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Gigaom Research: Personal Video Poised to Take Off in 2014

Gigaom Research“Until recently, capturing, enhancing, and sharing personal video has been hard, relegating this media type to a second-class citizen status behind photos. This is changing,” writes Hans Hartman, Gigaom Research analyst and principal researcher, Suite 48 Analytics. In a new Gigaom Research Report underwritten by Magisto, “Action! Roll ‘em: Personal video market poised to take off,” Gigaom explores the trend towards the adoption of personal video.

Gigaom Research predicts that for personal video to reach he ubiquity of personal photography, companies need to deliver easy-to-use apps and cloud-based solutions that support the appetite for immediate storytelling. They identify the following drivers as critical to the sustained growth and mass adoption of personal video:

  1. Simultaneous capture of photos AND video
  2. Automated editing and creative enhancement of long-form video
  3. Selective sharing options – beyond mass-posting on YouTube and Facebook

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Here at Magisto, we’ve seen our users capturing an average of 6 minutes of video and 10 photos each month and combining these videos and photos in their movie making and storytelling. Our chief marketing officer, Reid Genauer, says, “Last quarter our users made a collective 7.5 million Magisto movies. We look at the growth of smartphones and the increasing ease and sophistication of capturing images and anticipate that our users will create hundreds of millions of Magisto Movies in 2014.”

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