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Working with Qualcomm to Make Video Production Even Easier

qualcommvidEarlier this year we joined forces with Qualcomm to make video production better, faster. We integrated facial processing and facial recognition features from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SDK for Android to create CamCrew technology – a new feature for Android devices running the Snapdragon SDK that is designed to help users shoot better video.

This week Steve Lukas, Senior Product Manager at Qualcomm Ventures, explored our collaboration and the CamCrew feature in a great post on the Qualcomm Ventures blog. Lukas writes, “There is nothing more gratifying than working with smart, agile and innovative young companies who can help Qualcomm transform the mobile technology landscape. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Magisto, a Qualcomm Ventures portfolio company, in order to test our Snapdragon SDK for Android and at the same time optimize their video production application. Magisto greatly simplifies video editing, making it much easier to create short montage clips from your video library, enabling a better videography experience. Magisto’s CamCrew feature helps assist you during the video capture process, making videos on your smartphone look more professional.”

The collaboration is featured in this awesome video. Check it out and read more on the Qualcomm Ventures blog.

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