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Magisto CMO Reid Genauer On The Evolution Of Personal Video & Photo Sharing

video radioWill video kill the JPEG star? Our CMO Reid Genauer explores the evolution of personal video and photo sharing in an article published earlier this week in Alley Watch.

Reid writes about how we are entering a new era of personal media, and draws parallels between this video and photo evolution and the recent digital disruption of the music business:

“…as I kick back and squint at the horizon, I see a spectrum of video solutions playing out. Anchored on one end by short-form video messaging and on the other by long-form social storytelling. As with any disruptive innovation, consumers will swim upstream from low cost “good enough” solutions to feature-rich solutions with increasing functionality and depth. Video didn’t really kill the radio star: it just redistributed him/her. Similarly, photos aren’t going away any time soon, but today it’s not photos or video: it’s photos AND video.”

Click here to check out the full article on Alley Watch and feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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