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The Wall Street Journal’s Katie Rosman Gets Creative at Fashion Week with Magisto

wsj gymOver the weekend, we were excited to get a shout-out from Wall Street Journal reporter Katie Rosman in her profile of Lucky Magazine’s senior digital-projects editor, John Jannuzzi, at Fashion Week.

Rosman wrote about how, in addition to staying on top of all the Fashion Week shows, parties and goings-on, Jannuzzi also stayed on top of his (very strenuous) exercise routine:

“In the fashion world, insiders are prone to hyperbole. For example, they frequently say they’re “obsessed” with things when likely they just are quite fond of them. But there is no hyperbole in reporting that Jannuzzi lifts very, very heavy weights and he lifts them many, many times in a row. I know this first-hand because he made me do them too.”

And you don’t have to just take Rosman’s word for it because she’s posted the Magisto Movie to prove it – a fun mash-up of herself working out with Jannuzzi, Roaring Twenties-style, which you can check out below:

On Facebook, Rosman shared the Movie as well saying, “Love how digital platforms can let us get creative in telling stories!”

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