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Earn Free Downloads By Inviting Friends To Magisto

freedownloadsEveryone loves free stuff and we’re no exception, which is why we’re launching a new referral program this week that will let you earn free downloads for yourself and your friends in exchange for inviting your friends to use Magisto.

The new feature is available on iPhone, Android and the Web.  All you have to do is send your friends a message inviting them to join Magisto.  The invitation you send will have a link and, when your friend signs up for Magisto using that link and verifies his or her email, you’ll both earn a free download.  You can collect up to 20 free downloads using this system.

To start inviting your friends through our mobile app, just head over to your Magisto settings (click the gear icon in the upper corner of the app) and select ‘Get Free Downloads’.  Click ‘Tell friends about Magisto’ on the next page and you’ll be prompted to invite your friends via text message, Facebook or email.  Feel free to write your own message – just remember to leave the link provided in the message so you and your friends will get your free download!

You can also get to the ‘Get Free Downloads’ page when you click the ‘Save’ button on a Movie page.


If you’re using Magisto on the Web, just click the ‘Download’ button on one of your Movie pages and then click on ‘Get Free Downloads’ to invite your friends.

Once your friend signs up via the link you shared and verifies their email address, you’ll each automatically receive a free download.  You can keep track of your free downloads under the same ‘Get Free Downloads’ page that you accessed earlier from the ‘Settings’.

If you have any questions about our new referral email, reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook or shoot us an email at support[at]magisto[dot]com.

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