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Congrats to #StartupLife Movie Contest Winner, MakersKit!

makerskitLast month we invited startups from around the world to share their stories with Magisto as part of our #StartupLife Movie Contest. We received a ton of great submissions, running the gamut from tech startups to social media, lifestyle, fashion and everything in between. It was difficult to choose our favorite, but today we’re pleased to announce that MakersKit is our winner!

Ben Lyon, who made the awesome Magisto movie about MakersKit, gave us some background on the company: “MakersKit began as a series of do-it-yourself workshops run by Mike Stone and Jawn McQuade. After over a thousand live events in San Francisco, Mike and Jawn were inspired to turn these high-demand workshops into project kits that anyone anywhere can create. Rather than having traditional written instructions, each kit directs you to an online tutorial where Mike and Jawn are there to take you through the steps ‘in person.'”

“Since we began in February of 2013, MakersKit has partnered with Youtube, Google, and e-commerce sites like Birchbox and Zulilly. We also graduated top of the 2014 NYC Techstars class, and are working everyday to take the Maker movement mainstream!”

Learn more at, follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook and check out their awesome Movie below!

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