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#ShowUs How You Feel About Team Sports: 7 Bamboos Rugby

7 bamboos rugbyThis week on The #ShowUs Show we hear from Max Lueck – a sports coach, rugby enthusiast and founder of 7 Bamboos Rugby, an organization in the UK designed to support young people in their skill and personality development through the sport of 7s Rugby.

Max moved to the UK seven years ago to study sports coaching and to turn his passion for rugby into a career. He tells us, “The reason why I’m so passionate about rugby is because I think it’s the ultimate team game.” Through 7 Bamboos Rugby, Max is providing a platform for young people to develop and grow through the sport of 7s Rugby.

Check out the episode below and then get involved! Make a movie showing us how you feel about team sports or rugby and include the hashtag #ShowUs in your title. We’ll be featuring some of our faves!

To find out more about 7 Bamboos Rugby, check out or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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