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#ShowUs How You Feel About Your Destiny

reidgenauerIs there something you feel you were destined to do in life? Magisto CMO Reid Genauer was destined to be a musician, and he talks about this musical destiny in the latest episode of The #ShowUs Show, our new weekly video series featuring the stories of our users.

In addition to being our Chief Marketing Officer, Reid also happens to be the lead singer and songwriter of the band Assembly of Dust and he co-founded a band in the 90s that he still performs in called Strangefolk.

Reid explains, “I feel like I have always been destined to and fated to be a musician.” In the episode, he talks about how this destiny has played into his role of CMO and the parallels he sees between the music community and the startup community.

Check out the episode, and then share your destiny with us in a movie! Include the hashtag #ShowUs in the title if you’d like your movie to be featured in The #ShowUs Show public album – we’ll be featuring some of our faves!

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