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#ShowUs How You Connect With People: Street Photographer Lance Agena

lance agena photographyHappy Monday, ladies and gents! It’s a new week and with it comes a new episode of The #ShowUs Show. On this week’s episode we hear from Lance Agena – a street photographer in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Lance tells us about how, through street photography, he uses his camera as a tool to break down the barriers between himself and strangers to connect with the people around him. Lance explains, “It’s easy when we’re going through our day to day lives just to walk from place to place, passing people by. There’s no connection – there’s no chance to reach out to people. The camera allows me to go up to people and kind of pop the bubbles that we have around us, so there’s nothing keeping me from getting to know the other person.”

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Check out Lance’s story in the movie below and visit his website or follow him on Twitter to find out more!

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