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4 Ways to Get More Views on Your Magisto Movies

LikesWant to get more views, likes and comments on your Magisto Movies? We want to help!

Nothing is worse than creating a masterpiece that you’re proud of and then just having it sit there, unwatched. We’ve put together a list of tips to help your masterpiece get the views it deserves!

Make Movies that are worth watching

The more awesome your Movie is, the more people will want to watch and share it. Lucky for you, Magisto already does the work of editing your videos and photos to make them more share-worthy. There are, however, some things you can do to ensure that your Movies turn out great.

The best way to ensure that your Movie is worth watching is by uploading a good variety of videos and photos when you create your Movie. Remember – you want your Movie to tell a story and uploading a variety of clips and photos will help you capture and share an event, person, place or thing much more fully. Click here to read more about this.

Share your Movies with your friends

Nobody will see your Movies if you don’t share them! We let you share your Movies via email, Facebook, Twitter and even export them to YouTube. Take advantage of this! To share a movie, just click the ‘Share’ button on the Movie page.

You can also share movies with friends inside of Magisto using Albums. Albums are currently available on the iOS app and on the Web at You can invite a group of friends, family, coworkers (or anyone really) to join an album and then you can all share, watch and comment on Movies together. With Albums, your friends will be notified the moment you create a new Movie and add it to the Album so they can watch it immediately.

Make your Movies public

If you want to expand your audience and get views from people who aren’t your real-life friends then make sure to make your Magisto Movies public. You can make your Movie public like this:

  • If you use Magisto on the Web: Go to the Movie page, click the ‘Info’ button and turn Public to ON
  • If you use the iPhone app: Go to My Movies, click on the Movie you want to make public, click the ‘Share’ button and turn Privacy Settings from Private to Public
  • If you use the Android app: Currently this setting doesn’t exist in the Android app (though it’s coming soon) – you can login at to make your Movies public

We’ve got an algorithm that detects when public Movies are getting views and likes and pops the most popular ones into our public Everyone feed. Movies in the Everyone feed get facetime in front of millions of Magisto users.

Share your Movies with us!

Finally, if you have a Movie that you think deserves to be featured, share it with us! You can tweet a link to @magisto on Twitter, share it with us on Facebook or email our community Manager Megan at megan[at]magisto[dot]com. While we can’t promise that we can feature every Movie that’s submitted, sharing it with us directly will improve your odds have getting your Movie featured via our social channels, in our weekly Top Movies roundup and at the top of our public Everyone feed.

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