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How To Get A Movie Featured in Magisto’s Public Feed

faqLots and lots and lots of you have asked us on Twitter, Facebook, email and even in Movie comments  – “How can I get my Movie to show up on the Magisto public feed?”  It’s such a popular question that we decided to put together a little guide. So here you have it: How to get a Movie featured in the Magisto Public feed.

The Public feed (also called the Popular or Everyone page) is a collection of some of the best and most-viewed and liked public Movies created by our users. These featured Movies are currently available to view on the Web as well as on our iPhone app and will be available on our Android app in the future as well.

So how does a Movie wind up on the Public feed? First things first – Movies have to be marked as Public! When you make a Movie in Magisto it’s private by default. How do you make it public? On iPhone, go to the Movie you’d like to make public and hit the ‘Share’ button. Turn ‘Privacy Settings’ from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’. On the Web, go to the Movie page and click ‘Info’ to toggle ‘Public’ off or on. Android users – for now you’ll have to manage privacy settings by logging in on the Web. We’ll make an announcement when this feature launches on your device.

Public Movies are bumped up based on an algorithm that takes a look at how many views, likes and comments the Movie has. Those Movies that are getting more views, likes and comments are assigned a higher score and are moved up to the top of the feed.

Additionally, our team regularly browses public Movies to see what our users are up to. When we stumble across Movies we like a lot, we add them to the Public feed manually. Note, however, that loads and loads of public Movies are created every day and it’s virtually impossible for us to watch them all. For this reason, we invite you to share your best Movies with us!

Share Movies with us on Facebook, Twitter or even leave them in a comment right here on this blog post and we’ll be happy to take a look and consider your Movie for our Public feed, one of our weekly Top Movies roundups or other blog posts, or even promotion on our Facebook and Twitter.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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