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Tuesday Tips: How To Use Magisto Albums To Organize Your Movies

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gents! We’re back with another Tuesday Tip. This week we’ll take a look at how to use Magisto albums to organize your movies.

When you create a movies with Magisto, they’re all stored under “My Movies.” However, if you’ve created a lot of movies it can be tedious to go back find find a specific one. That’s where albums come in! You can use Magisto albums to sort your movies however is most convenient for you – you can organize according to time (create monthly or yearly albums), a specific event (great for weddings, birthday parties, vacations or other events where you create a collection of movies), the group of people that appear in the movies or anything!

Creating A New Album

Creating a new album is easy. Simply click on “My Albums” on the web or select “Albums” in the mobile app and then press to create a “New Album.”

new album

Setting Up Your Album

When you create your album, there are a few fields you need to fill out:

Title: Give your album a title. This is where you can specify the theme of the album, be it a span of dates, a specific event, group ofpeople, vacation, or anything else. Make sure you give your album a name that you’ll recognize later on to make it easy to find your movies!

edit album

Public vs. Private: You’ll also have to indicate whether you want your album to be public or private. Public albums may appear in search results on the web and are also accessible to anyone that has a link. Private albums will not show up in search results and are accessible only to people that you invite to the album. Note that people you invite to a private album will be able to invite others to the album as well.

Album members can add movies? You’ll have to turn this feature ON or OFF, depending upon if you’d like to invite other members of your album to add movies. This can be a great tool for sharing movies in a collaborative setting, but if you’d like to keep your album closed so that it only contains movies you created, make sure to turn this feature OFF.

Decorating Your Album

Once your album is created, you can add a cover image as well. Select a photo from the event, time frame or experience that your album encompasses!

Have questions or feedback about albums? Reach out to our support team here.

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