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Tuesday Tips: Choosing Magisto Editing Styles to Fit Your Mood

Did you know that our editing styles are created with emotion in mind? More than just simple filters, Magisto editing styles take into consideration everything from pacing and transitions, to how they focus in on the different people (or “characters”) in your movie and more, to elicit an emotional response. As a result, it’s important to put some thought into the editing style that you select when you create your movie.

We’ve got a wide variety of editing styles to choose from (and we’re working on new styles as well). From the titles and thumbnails in the app, you can tell which editing styles are designed for which types of events and movie subjects – Adrenaline is designed with action sports in mind; Sentimental is for highly emotional events and memories; Be Mine and Love are perfect for making movies about your loved ones; Traveler is great for capturing your vacation memories; and Let’s Party is great for capturing the excitement of a fun night on the town or get-together with friends.


Not sure what a particular editing style looks like? When you get to the part of the creation flow where it’s time to select your style, just click the little play button on an option to see an example of the editing style in action. If you’re creating your movie on mobile, you’ll also be able to tweak your movie after it’s been created to see how it looks with a different editing style. You can keep tweaking your movie until you find a style you like.

What’s your favorite Magisto editing style? Let us know! Share a movie with your favorite style with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

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