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Tuesday Tips: How Does Magisto’s Surprise Me Feature Work?

Surprise! Earlier this year we launched a brand new feature called Surprise Me that creates movies automatically from the photos and videos on your mobile device and delivers them to you. The feature makes the process of capturing your life in video effortless and we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response, but also a number of questions, so we thought we’d put together a little guide with everything you need to know about Surprise Me.


When Surprise Me is turned on, it will periodically create and send you movies of what you did yesterday, last month, or even last year! It’s important to note that movies created with Surprise Me are private drafts and are only saved or shared if you choose to keep them or share them.

If you’d rather we not access your photos and videos and create Surprise Movies for you, just head over to the settings page in the app and turn Surprise Me to OFF (pictured to the left).

When you have Surprise Me turned on, you’ll receive a notification when a new movie is created. If you have notifications turned off (also under the settings page in the app) you won’t get a notification, but you can check under “My Movies” to see if a new movie has been created for you. Surprise Me movies are titled according to the date (i.e. “My October 5, 2014”).

Tweaking Surprise Movies

When we make you a surprise movie, we automatically select a collection of photos and videos, an editing style and music. However, you aren’t tied to our selections. Your movie will be saved as a draft and you can either keep it or tweak it. When you tweak a movie, it will take you back into the creation flow and you can add/remove photos and videos, change the editing style, music and title. Note: To tweak a movie, you must be on the device that the photos and videos in your movie are stored on.


Once you’ve tweaked your movie, the new version will be saved as a draft as well. Keep tweaking until you like it and then click on “Keep It” to save your movie to an album and share it with your friends. To learn more about albums and privacy settings, click here.

Have you received a Surprise movie you really liked? We’d love to see it! Feel free to share your links with us on FacebookTwitter, or shoot our support team an email.

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