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How to Make the Perfect Personalized Video for Valentine’s Day

Be MineRoses are red,
Check out our new theme!

It’s called “Be Mine!”
Love, The Magisto Team

This week we launched a brand new Editing Style called “Be Mine” and, in the spirit of X’s and O’s (and all that other mushy stuff associated with February 14th), we’ve decided to put together some tips to help you create the perfect love letter, Magisto-style.

But wait, before we get to the tips we know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to see the new theme so here it is, featuring footage from Magisto user Fabio Grande of Lucky Rain Films in Italy. We’d love to hear what you think – and see your “Be Mine” Movies. Please share your links with us in the comments!

Ready to get started on your own Valentine Movie? Here are a few tips:

Tell the story of your relationship through photos and videos

Remember, when you create a Movie with Magisto you’re not limited to sharing just one moment. Take a look back through photos and videos of you and your Valentine and pull a collection of your favorite moments and use them all to create your Movie. Remember, basic users can upload up to 10 photos and up to 10 minutes of video per Movie and Premium users can upload up to 30 photos and 25 minutes of video per Movie, so upload as much as you can find!

Need extra footage for your Movie? Try shooting some video or photos of yourself holding up notecards or signs that you’ve written messages on!

Use the “Title” field to enter a short personalized message

You could always just call your Movie something simple like “Be Mine,” but including a pet name, inside joke or romantic message can add an extra personal touch and really make your Movie special, so put some thought into your title!

Put some thought into the music you select

We’ve got a bunch of great love music preloaded in the “Be Mine” theme, but if you and your Valentine have a song that’s significant to you – maybe it’s a song you heard on your first date, the song that played during your first dance as a married couple or simply a song with lyrics that make you think of your boo (yes, we did just say “boo”) – then remember that you can always opt to upload your own track. Music can really set the mood for a video and if you use a song that is meaningful, your Movie will be all that more meaningful as well!

Now go forth, little Cupids, and make your Valentines something really special!


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