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Tuesday Tips: How to Customize the Length of your Magisto Movies

longermoviesquareSome of the most frequently asked questions our support team get surround how to customize the length of your Magisto movies, including how to make longer movies and how to make shorter movies, optimized for Instagram sharing. This is where the Movie Length setting comes in.

The Movie Length setting allows you to tell Magisto whether you want to create a Short Teaser, a movie that’s Set For Sharing, or a Longer Movie.

Before we get into the “how to,” there’s one important thing to note: Free Magisto users can create movies up to 75 seconds long. If you upgrade to Magisto Plus or Magisto Pro, our current premium packages, you can create longer movies up to 2 and a half minutes. At this time, Magisto can not create movies that are longer than 2 and a half minutes. We limit the length of movies because we’ve found that this is the optimal length for sharing – when movies get longer than 2 and a half minutes, viewers start to lose interest and drop off – you don’t want your family and friends dozing off to your movies! In the future, we may offer the ability to create even longer movies and we’ll make an announcement if and when this happens.

Setting Movie Length on the Web

The Movie Length setting on the web is in beta and only available in select browsers – Internet Explorer 10 and up, Firefox and Chrome. It will show up during the last step of the creation flow, just above the “Make My Movie” button, if you have uploaded enough footage to create a longer movie and your files have the appropriate metadata attached to them. If the setting is not showing up for you, try a different browser or different files.

adjust movie length web

Once you click on “Adjust Movie Length,” a slider will pop up allowing you to decide whether you want a “Short Teaser,” a movie “Set for Sharing,” or a “Longer Movie.” As you slide the bar, it will also indicate the approximate length of the resulting movie. If you select the Longer Movie option and are not already a premium user, you will be prompted to upgrade your account. Once you’ve selected the length, just click “Done” and you’re good to go!


Setting Movie Length on the iOS App

Setting your movie length on the iOS app is similar to setting it on the web. On the final screen of the creation flow, where you give your movie a title, you’ll find an option to “set movie length.” From there, just slide the bar to select a movie length. Again, if you want to create a movie longer than 75 seconds and aren’t already a premium user you will be prompted to upgrade.

iOS screenshots

Setting Movie Length on the Android App

The settings on Android are slightly different, thanks for the fact that we recently integrated the ability to share directly to Instagram into the Android application. On Android, when you go into “set movie length,” you’ll have the ability to create a Movie that is “Instagram Ready” – 15 seconds and shareable directly to Instagram – a “Short Story,” or a “Longer Movie.”

iOS users – we’re working on integrating Instagram sharing into our iOS app and will make an announcement as soon as it’s ready!

magisto instagram screenshots


Having trouble with the Movie Length setting? If you don’t have the option to create a movie as long as you’d like, the likely culprit is that you haven’t uploaded enough source footage. Try uploading more photos and videos – free users can upload up to 10 photos and 10 minutes of video per movie and premium users can upload up to 30 photos and 25 minutes of video.

If you are on the web and the setting isn’t showing up, try using a different browser or different files.

If you have any questions, suggestions or run into any issues, please contact our support team.

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