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Celebrate Psy’s 1 Billion With Magisto’s Gangnam Style Theme

Hey there ladies and gents!  In case you missed the big news, this morning Psy’s Gangnam Style was the first YouTube video to surpass 1 BILLION VIEWS!  Psy accomplished this impressive feat in just 160 days and people around the globe are invisible horse dancing in celebration!

If you’re one of the ones struttin’ your stuff and honing your dance skills, Gangnam-style, grab your video camera or smartphone because we’ve got the perfect thing to help you capture this momentous occasion–our Gangnam Style theme!

Our Gangnam Style theme mashes up your video footage with crazy effects and transitions, all set to Psy’s hit song.  To create your own personal Gangnam Style video just select Gangnam Style from the ‘Let’s Party’ category when you get to the Add Music portion of the creation process.  You’ll find Gangnam Style on our iPhone app, Android app or on the web at

Check out the theme in action in the user examples below and feel free to share your Gangnam Style movie masterpieces with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.  Oppa Billion Style!



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