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Parents: Create The Ultimate Video Memories Of Your Kids With Magisto

In this day and age we have the means to record all the joyful moments in the lives of our children.  More people than ever are taking digital pictures and shooting videos of their kids and babies to share with friends and family, and to keep for themselves as memories to look back on down the road.  But sometimes we’ve got so much video footage clogging up our cameras and hard drives that organizing it can become a challenge.  That’s where Magisto comes in.

With Magisto you don’t have to spend hours and hours trying to edit your videos on your own.  Upload the footage you’ve got lying around and Magisto pulls out the best parts and edits them together for you, automatically.  You can definitely take advantage of the service to put together short, sharable memories as your babies and kids grow up.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Upload all the videos that you shot during a family vacation to create one video memory of your trip
  • Create a Magisto clip for every birthday your child has—shoot videos at the party of your child and everyone there and upload the clips to create a video that you can share with all the attendees, as well as the family members that couldn’t make the party.
  • Upload several videos from throughout their childhood to showcase how they’ve grown and blossomed
  • Create Magisto clips of big moments and events – a promotion or graduation, a parade, the first haircut, the ideas are virtually endless!

To start creating your Magisto clip, head over to, sign in and click on ‘Create video’.  Upload your video files, choose a title and soundtrack and let Magisto do the rest of the work for you.  Check out some adorable examples of baby and kid videos that our users have created below for inspiration!

The Dancing Sisters


Try It Out

Mallaidh and the Sprinkler

Summer 2011 by Magisto

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