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Check Out These Fun Outdoor Magisto Movies

outdoorsHappy Monday, folks!  Over the weekend we asked our users to head outside and make a Movie for the chance to win a free one-month upgrade.  Lots of you created Movies in the great outdoors–in parks, on the street and in front of your houses.  We chose a few of our favorites to share with you here on our blog.  Enjoy!

This first Movie, shared with us on Facebook by user Antranik, features a 1-night mini-bike tour in California.  Antaranik tells us, “We biked to Leo Carillo, Malibu from Santa Monica with all our camping gear, camped one night at a campground and then returned back.”  Looks fun!

Here’s another fun Movie shared with us on Facebook by a user named Mike.  Mike’s Movie features a bit of the art scene in Asheville.  Mike tells us, “Asheville has a lot of artsy stuff happening, often. It makes for an endless supply for video entertainment.”

Here’s a fun Movie of some outdoor family time, tweeted over the weekend by one of our users.

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