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#WeekendChallenge: Show Us Your Hobby!

ballerinaWhat do you do for fun? Do you skateboard? Dance? Paint? Collect something interesting? Whatever your hobby is, we’d like to see it! Make a Movie about your hobby and share it with us and you could win a free one-month Magisto upgrade as part of this week’s Weekend Challenge!

What are Weekend Challenges? Weekend Challenges are something we introduced earlier this year to inspire users to make great Movies over the weekend, and reward those that take part! Every Friday we’ll introduce a new Weekend Challenge and the first 50 people that submit #WeekendChallenge Movies will get one-month upgrades! To submit a Movie, just share the link with us on Facebook or tweet it to @magisto on Twitter. Use the hashtag #WeekendChallenge so we know you’re participating in the challenge!

Weekend Challenges may be something as broad as a theme, like “make a Movie about friendship,” or as specific as a single task, like “make a Movie that features yourself or a friend dancing in the grocery store.”  We may ask you to give us a video-tour of your city, introduce us to your pet or create a fashion video featuring your favorite outfits.  (By the way, if you have any ideas for future Weekend Challenges, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!)

As we said, this week’s Weekend Challenge is all about your favorite hobbies, so create a Movie using videos and photos having to do with whatever it is you most like to do in your spare time. Need a little inspiration? Check out some of the user Movies below, which feature hobbies from dancing to collecting, model airplanes, drawing and more.

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